Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Let’s Save Our Home. Let’s Make Peace.

Election night 2020. Even  junk food would not sooth  me on this emotional occasion. But a whiskey sour? Now, that! would help me ignore how POTUS just spun his  impression of the presidential election. And he wasn’t even kind about it. Our system of counting the votes has just been antagonized. The gift of peacefulness and pride in this process -of every voter has been disrupted. And as frazzled as my nerves are, there’s not even a dude out there I am tempted to call or text @ 2am! Now. Enough about me.

We need for the dualism of this country to pass with the conclusion of this blessed election. At 1:55am CST the votes have not all been counted and his ridiculous assertion of victory has dirtied the airwaves. I’m thinking about  a beloved beautiful friend who’s obviously voted republican.. She said as much on her FB live a few hours ago. No matter our politics, she and I are individuals who exist as a whole. She’s not a less beautiful person in my eyes, even if she adores the president. I happen to detest him. But that shouldn’t destroy how any of us grow and survive and take care of each other on this planet. We’re in a pandemic and our crybaby POTUS is predictably self centered and thoughtless of the rest we were looking forward to. But he is also the least important among us at this seriously critical  moment that he has created. 

This world is flat for the time being. The air has been seeping out for four years. The outcome of this election will determine a lot of things: not just how fast the flat gets fixed, but that the hungry get fed, families are restored, prejudice is eradicated, dualism gets destroyed, and the b.s. of the Donald gets flushed out of our galaxy. 

This Lord, or something better. Amen.

Our very diverse home must come together again, no matter who wins. Put back the way of  The original and only Thought: Love. Where there is whole Love, is where Peace begins. 

 Anyone can teach you about love. I can make you good at it.

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