Tuesday, February 23, 2021


You know the story.. Max is smitten w/Jackie Brown & proceeds to prove it.

First, let me tell you that the Bible says, "Your gifts will make room for you."  Here’s why this statement belongs in this conversation.

My daughter is a scholar, a researcher, a scientist. And, an empath. - Like her mother. Congratulations are in order because she’s just been admitted into a doctoral program of life-changing proportions. Not only life changing for her, but for the world. Specifically, the USA.  And here’s why.

Since her undergrad days, this young person has learned to interpret and translate information that is evidence based, to help people.  Not shocking to me, even though before college, she was a respected lights and sound and stage technician. All through her growing up years, however,  it was clear she was extremely thoughtful. You could always expect her rationale. She could always back it up with facts. She was the little child asking adults, “.. but you know what?”   From kindergarten into grad school and clear into her chosen profession, her elevated states of learned thoughtfulness is not a fascination, but an experience. 

This post is not to humble brag about my daughter. This is a preface to a truthful and entertaining video I am compelled  to share and I hope I will and it, will be heard via this medium. A video, not of my making, but, I just happened upon it. And I need to share it in the context of my own evolution as a mature Black woman who is Seeking Max Cherry

At 2:22am, I finished touching up a creative project, but was still in the zone. When I saw the time staring at me, I paid attention to the vibe of the last five hours of creating. It was an orchestrated score. The birth of my new blogpost playlist, dictated by my current mood, from my new “Living Room.” Before I could shut-it-all-down, my mind was racing and going deeper and deeper, becoming more, profoundly composing what to write about (play) next. Do I want to speak it? Do I want to write it? Do I want to podcast it? 

It’s late. I’m tired. What time is it, again? 2:22. Shut it down, Jackie. Sleep with it. And I must have done just that.  Seven hours later, a voice in a video speaks a ring of truth. Facts. No lies. 

I don’t want to ramble. I’m here to share a message, as told by a young Black man on his YouTube channel. I am not a YouTube junkie, but I do go there for entertainment and news from time to time. All things considered, I don’t think it was random that this video found me. 

His roll is a little slow, but it is going somewhere. So watch the entire thing. I mean, if you are a single, unmarried, Black American dude, 25-65, marriage or relationship-minded, it might help keep you from prematurely returning to normal unconscious unawareness.  It might not. The dude did not cite academia, but there is indication he and his cohort in the picture inset, studied somethings (of some kind). And I, a fifty-something Black woman of sound mind and body, resonate with most of their commentary. Call it divine intuition. I’m just saying.. 

I can hear a chorale of certain brothers and sisters finding and unfolding disharmony in this conversation. I cannot help ya'll get beyond that. I can imagine all the social media posts responding to this video originally posted about a month ago. I won’t seek to harvest those. All I can ask is that if you are thoughtful, you will appreciate the message. This is TheShumakeWay and me being supportive, not directive. Watch. 


 Anyone can teach you about love. I can make you good at it.

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