Wednesday, September 22, 2021

GTFO! Of Our Wombs | Jackie | Used of God

Women have been about the busy-ness of pleasing men for ten thousand+ millenium.
Proof?  #this

Sculptural ceramic ceremonial vessel that represents a woman masturbating a man. 1250 BC - 1 AD

and #this

Ain Sakhri lovers figurine -10000/-10000 (10000 BCE)

Get the Fk Out of Our Wombs.

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I’m actually proud of the statement this makes.

Theme:            Feminism | Ancient to Contemporary Proof

Title:                GTFO! Of Our Womb Collection (ca. 10000 BCE – 2019) 






Humanity is forever using women and leaving us behind. For too long our purpose has been about the male gaze. This collection illustrates a woman’s ownership over her womb, dictated by divine order and the placement of the vessel. With that, we insist on healthcare, not punishment, theocracy, or shame. To contemporary eyes, this collection evokes support for pro-choice. Not as a revolt against morality, but like the divine birth right afforded none other than Eve. The inclusion of early photographic art amongst ancient artifacts of her progeny’s mastery of technique & purpose in intercourse for pleasure & childbirth, proves we are not new at this. The remaining paintings & graphics are modern forms of expression that symbolize the unfinished business of women in revolt, even in 2021. Our prolific history should more than provide our freedom of choice.  For some reason it does not.


 Anyone can teach you about love. I can make you good at it.

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