Wednesday, November 3, 2021

An Imperfect Sphere. For ImPerfect Peace.

Mass, weight, and inertia: One of ten lecture videos required of my art college physical science class. A resilient brain I have indeed, but with scars. PTSD from junior high school days. -Not complaining. If I could remember that teacher, I’d thank him/her for the attempt. I delight in recalling. Post Concussion Syndrome is good for dissolving short-term memories, though. Most of week1’s course readings and assignments (including labs) forced me to try and concentrate and learn this stuff again. It was extremely hard, and my test score proved it. I opted out of the do-over for a potential better score. I’ll take the first go for 40 points, Alex.

The gentlest of reminders from this assignment was that  earth is not a perfect sphere. Remember, last November 4th I said the eart was flat? A truth bomb exploded in my head during PHY1020-0 labs.. so on went my peace crown. As it’s that time of year again. November 4th approaches. Peace Bloggers unite. I’ve been hankering to create thoughtful and... contemplative. Not sure if I’ll make peace bloggers smile with this one, though. 

Imperfection being the forever case for the shape of and state of our cosmic home, is indicative of our forever humanity. Meaning, there will always be blood. No matter who’s Pope. No matter who’s POTUS. There will not be the peace the peace mongers expect and seek. 

I am just the messenger. And all is not hopeless. As babies are still being born. 

Pay attention to the evolution of them.. spiritually, sensually, soulfully, intellectually. Start with the mindset of the millennials. First, get off their backs. Then think back on the baby-boomers.  I’ve got a third eye that can see through bull-shit like you would not believe. And God is not offended by me in my fairy fetish and studies in metaphysics.

As a peace blogger, I get to speak out and speak up for peace on earth even as a veteran still  infatuated with flying and floating warships. My daughter wants to have children someday. They will need someplace to walk on. She’s an Indigo, but I am certain her babies won’t be born with fins and gills.


 Anyone can teach you about love. I can make you good at it.

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