Sunday, March 14, 2021

My Magic Cornbread | Soul Foodie

In the south cornbread represents the soul of the dinner table. Magic happens when cornbread appears. And I - - just hate making cornbread. From scratch or jiffy-wise. 

 “Oh well.” She said when I told her I didn’t make any with the rest of the regale I conjured in less than an hour.  I do cook fast. 

My cooking techniques are fused with magic and.. focus. I’m usually starving when I cook and this kitchen gets really hot. I don’t rush. I just create with intention. Because cornbread is not my favorite and I don’t have to have it with every spread, it feels wasteful of my last two Junius Heights eggs and the cow’s milk reserved for recipes that need milk. But my mother loves her some cornbread. With everything. I was hoping beyond hope that she wouldn’t mind that I didn’t make any with dinner this time. I’m ready to eat!

Situation number 9. See Jackie show some  love. She makes the cornbread. But differently.. WAITWHUT!? and Mother should like it. A little bit of this and this and that.. and especially that! - ingredients not customary for cornbread around here... poof! Jackiesmagic 🪄 cornbread.

My relationship to Source, God, Universe, Creator.. reminds me to remember my relationship with my earthly mother and all that’s she does for me. -Just this morning she woke me up from a deep sleep to ask me if I wanted her to cook me an egg. My “No thanks” response was code for “no ma I’m alive.” While cornbread is trivial food to me, it’s soul food for her. And I loved making it tonight.   😋 y’all! it smells good in here! 

AND stay tuned for more food posts and videos. 

Anyone can teach you about love. I can make you good at it.

| Photo & prose  by Jackie D. Rockwell |All Rights Reserved © 2008-2021|